Crowdfunding for the Study of Dolphins in the Tyrrhenian Sea

All4Science is thrilled to announce the launch of a new crowdfunding campaign called: Project DolPhInS.

With this project the team of Tuscia University and Me.Ri.S. Association intend to investigate the bottlenose dolphins’ population in the central Tyrrhenian Sea.

The bottlenose dolphin is a top predator. The regular presence of these mammals in coastal waters indicates high diversity of the marine communities, including fish species of commercial interest. Therefore, bottlenose dolphin is a key marine species that can be used as indicator of the environmental quality.

The study will be carried out with the greatest respect for the environment and through non-invasive methods of visual survey and photo-identification.

Its aim will be to study, for the first time, the local population abundance, social structure and habitat use in these waters, where biodiversity hotspots and heavy human activities have been recognised.

Through these activities the team aspire to build a permanent investigation unit regarding cetacean species and marine ecosystems at the Tuscia University, already part of the CIRCE Consortium (Interuniversity Centre for Cetacean Research).

The funds will cover the cost of the equipment for field work and data collection, also supporting the activities of researchers of the university involved.

For further information on the project and to contribute to the campaign, please visit the project page: